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Monday-Saturday - 9:00am to 8:00pm

Sunday - 10:00am to 5:00pm!

Your Local "ALL-IN-ONE" Second Hand Store! SHOP-SELL-SWAP! F5 Variety Store is Family Owned & Operated! You'll be Sure to Receive a Great Shopping Experience in Our Friendly Atmosphere! 

Do you provide a warranty or guarantee of the items you sell?

You can view our return policy under the "Returns" Tab at the top of our website. Or Click here:

**Our return policy will soon be changing.**

What do you carry the most of?

Tools, Electronics, Video Games (pretty much in that order). But like we said before, we carry a multitude of other items as well. Our goal is to continuously add on additional departments. We just want to perfect each department we add on to make sure we have it right for you!

What else do you plan on carrying in the future?

Well, you'll just have to stick around for that answer! But we can let you know just one of the sections we plan on adding soon! Gold & Silver Jewelry is one of a many.

What is it about all these changes I keep hearing about?

Here at F5, we like to give our customers a unique shopping experience each time you return to our store. Over our first few years there were tons of trial and error. We have been growing at a rapid rate with most of our decisions. We listen to our customers and employees feedback and implement many ideas that come to our attention.