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Do you buy things?

Yes, yes we do. But we must tell you we are EXTREMELY picky with the items we purchase. They MUST be clean. They MUST be complete. They MUST be in Good Condition or Better! Our customers are used to coming into a nice clean friendly store with good quality items that have even better prices!

What do you buy?

As of right now, we currently purchase tools, electronics, video games and consoles, home items, bikes, Fishing Equipment, DVD's, CD's, Kids Items (No Small used toys), Unique items, & SO MUCH MORE! We purchase certain items as the seasons change so if its November, chances are we will not purchase your bike or air conditioner during this time.

When can I bring you my items?

You can bring them in during our purchasing hours below. But we encourage you to call us or Facebook Message us with a heads up of what you plan on bringing. (We may even be able to tell you a little bit of a yes or a no over the phone) We value your time and the last thing we want to do is waste it. 

Monday-Friday 12-6PM

Saturday 12-4PM

Do you take items/can I donate my items to you?

No. We do not accept donations. Like we said, we are EXTREMELY picky with the items we sell at our store. We do not have the room for donations at the time. We understand your interest in donating your items to us and we truly appreciate your kind gesture! But we encourage you to take your items to a donations center or store where they can best benefit people in need. (Salvation Army, etc.)